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ALZOO Plant-Based Calming Collar for Cats

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ALZOO Plant-Based Calming Collar for Cats on the go or at home. Made with a botanical blend of Nepeta Cataria extract. - Helps to relieve stress, in-home vet visits, changes to the environment, moving & more.

Like humans, Cats are susceptible to Stress & Anxiety caused by a variety of situations. These stressors can result in excessive meowing, destructive behavior, marking, nervousness & loss of appetite. Our calming cat collar helps provide comfort to cats experiencing stress due to changes in the environment or loud noises.


*ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Utilizing Nepeta Cataria Extracts infused into the collar, these extracts are proven to reduce unwanted anxiety-induced behaviors.
*Safe for daily use.
*Light, soothing scent
*Proven through Clinical Studies
*Long-lasting; up to 30-day efficacy
*Breakaway safety system
*Cruelty-free, made using recycled and recyclable packaging

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